Managing Director’s Report by Dr. Allen Cox

Report of Events/Activities for Fiscal Year 2016.  July 2015 – June 2016:

1)    Teacher Training –Teachers and content supervisors with whom I have met represent the following Maryland school systems and other groups:

  1. Baltimore City (Cecil Elementary school) (The principal and 8 educators). This meeting was not about how to teach personal finance. Instead the principal and 8 teachers wanted to learn more about their own personal finance education needs. One of the young teachers lamented that she wished she would have known that her private university education was going to cost her $600 per month after she graduated.
  2. Baltimore City (Refugee Education group) (1) This group helps Baltimore City refugees adjust to living in the US. I gave her some materials that I thought might be appropriate.
  3. Frederick County Personal Finance training (40 teachers). Frederick County has 5 different courses that satisfy their high school graduation requirement. Also present were a few middle school teachers who wanted to learn more about what MCEE offers.
  4. Baltimore County Economics and Personal Finance training (16 teachers). Every year we are invited to work with the new teachers who teach the Economics and Public Issues course.
  5. Anne Arundel County FACS and Career and Tech (2). This meeting resulted in scheduling a training for the middle school FACS teachers on October 19th.
  6. Millionaire’s Club teacher training (25). This is the Credit Union Foundation program for high schools. The teachers use MCEE materials and we also encourage them to field a personal finance challenge team using the MC kids.
  7. Frederick County – met school business supervisor (1). A workshop was planned for Feb, 2016.
  8. Montgomery County – met with 9 teachers who teach in the National Academy of Finance program.
  9. Conducted a 15 hour Personal Finance Institute for 10 teachers at Towson University. When completed each teacher receives one credit toward re-certification from MSDE.
  10. Montgomery County – met with a teachers at Northwest High school.
  11. Montgomery County – met with a teacher at Whitman High school in Mont Co.
  12. Howard County – conducted a saving and investing lesson for 13 fifth graders and 5 of their parents along with their teacher at the T Rowe Price Finance Lab at Towson University.
  13. Anne Arundel County – conducted a saving and investing lesson for 16 High School students and 2 of their teachers at the T Rowe Price Finance Lab at Towson University.
  14. Baltimore County – conducted a saving and investing lesson for 32 fifth graders and 2 of their parents along with their teacher at the T Rowe Price Finance Lab at Towson University.
  15. Howard County – conducted a saving and investing lesson for 29 Gifted and Talented fifth graders and their teachers at the T Rowe Price Finance Lab at Towson University.
  16. Frederick County – conducted a training session for 6 teachers.
  17. Eastern Shore – conducted a 6 hour personal finance institute for 6 teachers at Salisbury University.
  18. Charles County – conducted a 15 hour Personal Finance Institute for 12 teachers.
  19. Conducted a Personal Finance Institute for 19 Johns Hopkins University staff and 3 Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union staff. These folks work with students and credit union members and wanted to get suggestions for dealing with student loan debt, budgeting, financial decision making and identity theft. Participants will also be completing 6 Personal Finance online modules as part of the program.
  20. Participated in the Annual Personal Finance Summit at the Radisson Hotel.


2)   Work with the Maryland Council on Economic Education (MCEE)

  1. Served on MCEE Public Relations and Program Committees.
  2. Worked on a plan to create an “Advocacy” group of teachers and supervisors who would be willing to become advocates for the work of MCEE.
  3. Visited the T Rowe Price Personal Finance exhibit at the Maryland State Fair. I wanted to see how TRP was promoting the new website.
  4. Met with representatives of DC public schools to talk about the Stock Market Game in DC (2). We now have a contact in the Math curriculum office.
  5. Conference call with MCEE committee on MCFL (2).
  6. Met with JHU Student Affairs director to discuss personal finance programs for Hopkins students.
  7. Met with Sandy Commentz to discuss her becoming a MCEE board member.
  8. Participated in a conference call with the MCEE Public Relations committee to discuss PR events for 2016.
  9. Attended a function at the Sofa Store (MCEE board member is the GM) for MCEE board members and guests of MCEE.
  10. Met with Don Fry and Shaina Hernandez of the Greater Baltimore Committee along with Sam DiPaola of Sun Trust Bank and Mike Riley (by phone) of M&T Bank to discuss how the GBC can support MCEE efforts to increase financial literacy in Maryland.
  11. Met via phone with MCEE Board member Calvin Watkins who is trying to win approval from the Baltimore City schools to start a Charter School that specializes in personal finance and entrepreneurship.
  12. Met with reps from the Nevins Group to discuss new plans for using social media in our work with teachers, content specialists and funders.
  13. Taped a video segment explaining the mission of MCEE for the Comcast Newsmakers program.
  14. Participated in the Annual Financial Education and Capabilities awards program in Annapolis.
  15. Represented MCEE at the Towson Showcase event on April 26. This event brings together business, educational, community and other partners to showcase how Towson University helps the community. MCEE will man a table to show what we do.
  16. Played the role of MC at the annual Personal Finance Challenge for both high schools and middle schools.
  17. Presented the Stock Market Game awards and the Achievement in Personal Finance Education award at the MCEE Annual Awards Program at Towson University.
  18. Met with the Nevins team and MCEE PR committee to plan for the 2016-17 school year.


3)    Advocacy

  1. Conducted a “Myths about Money” session for 10 UMBC graduate students as part of the “Promise” program which was coordinated with the Community Colleges of Baltimore County.
  2. Met with representatives of the Maryland and District of Columbia Operation Hope Program to talk about personal finance and the Stock Market Game. Operation Hope works with high school students and one of their themes is “saving and investing”.
  3. Met with representative of the Maryland and District of Columbia Urban Alliance to talk about personal finance and the Stock Market Game. Urban Alliance is similar to Operation Hope but they also have a program for recent high school graduates that includes personal finance.
  4. Attended the Governor’s Commission on Financial Education and Capabilities meeting.
  5. Attended the Prince Georges County NAF Advisory Committee meetings.
  6. Met with the ICST group at Old Mill High in Anne Arundel County. I serve on the signature program advisory board. Their signature program is about International Economics and Finance. The board advises the program coordinator about the signature program’s content and experiences for the students. We hope to set up a day for the signature program’s students to come to Towson University and have a lesson with me in the T Rowe Price Lab.
  7. Received recognition from Anne Arundel County at the Superintendent’s Breakfast. (See the newsletter)
  8. Met on several occasions with the Severna High school group who are working on the Gain Interest personal finance website ( in AA Co and a week-long Financial Literacy event for everyone at the school in March, 2016.
  9. Conducted a “Myths about Money” session for 25 Johns Hopkins Kappa Kappa Gamma graduating seniors as part of their education program requirements.
  10. Met with Prince Georges County NAF committee at PG Community College. Three teachers in attendance were briefed on the Personal Finance Challenge competition.
  11. Participated in the Governor’s Commission committee on Financial Capabilities and Education and heard a presentation from Comptroller Franchot, along with making committee recommendations about the upcoming Maryland Legislative session.
  12. Mentored a group of students from Howard County and Baltimore City on their business plan to start a Ping Pong competition.
  13. Met with Jo Boughman, Nancy Shapiro, and Terri Hollander of the Maryland Board of Regents to discuss our mutual interests in promoting financial literacy in Maryland’s University system of colleges and universities.
  14. As a follow up to the meeting with the Board of Regents (above, letter m”) I made a presentation to a group of Maryland higher education Math teachers on how they might include more personal finance topics in a new general education required class they are writing called “Contemporary Math Topics”. This Math course is for students who are declaring majors other than STEM –type courses of study.
  15. Met with Financial Aid Director at Johns Hopkins to plan, along with the JHU Federal Credit Union, an institute training for staff so that they can better answer questions the JHU students are asking them about credit and debt and budgeting, among other topics.
  16. Met with Student Affairs reps at Howard Community College to plan an institute training for staff so that they can better answer questions the HCC students are asking them about credit and debt and budgeting, among other topics.
  17. Attended the Montgomery County NAF Advisory Committee meetings.
  18. Participated in the launch of the Douglass High School (Baltimore City) Millionaire’s Club along with reps from the Maryland/DC Credit Union and MECU.
  19. Met with a rep from the Girls Scouts, who is also a rep for the Jack and Jill organization, to discuss how MCFL can help her with teaching personal finance topics to middle school girls.
  20. Made a presentation along with MCEE Executive Director and MCEE Board Chair to the Queen Anne’s County Chamber of Commerce. Included in attendance were the QA County schools superintendent and several other administrators and teachers.
  21. Met with Ortus Academy founder to discuss ways we can work together on bringing personal finance experience to more students in our area. The Ortus Academy is an four week after school program that uses games and activities to teach financial concepts.
  22. Met with reps from the University of Maryland – College Park to discuss how MCFL might partner with them to offer personal finance programs for students at the University.
  23. Attended a “Reality Fair” in Washington DC sponsored by the Maryland/DC Credit Union Association. This is a program for high school students showing them how to manage money.
  24. Made a presentation to the Charles County school board urging them to keep the full-year personal finance course they currently have and NOT change to one that only teaches the concepts at the end of the school year during half day sessions.


4)    Maryland Coalition for Financial Literacy

  1. Participated in a meeting with a delegation from Belarus to talk about how we conduct personal finance education in Maryland.
  2. Met with Montgomery County supervisor of Career and Technology Education to discuss upcoming National Academy of Finance Advisory Group events and programs.
  3. Prepared test questions for the Severna Park High School girls’ financial literacy website (
  4. Met with the MSDE Personal Finance Advisory committee to brief them on the use of the GeniRevolution website.
  5. Participated in a webinar on, “How to Evaluate Personal Finance Instructional Materials”, which was conducted by CFPB.
  6. Conducted a personal finance session for the Maryland Teachers of the Year hosted by MSDE in Baltimore. My topic was “Five Money Myths”.
  7. Participated in a webinar announcing the 2016 CFED results of statewide financial capability measures. A representative from CFED will be discussing the results at our April meeting.
  8. Participated in a webinar conducted by MSDE to introduce their new Math and Personal Finance online resource for elementary teachers.
  9. Met with MSDE state supervisor of Social Studies, Bruce Lesch, to discuss how MCFL can better work with social studies teachers who teach personal finance topics.
  10. Had a long phone conversation with JoAnne Pham of the Mid Atlantic Federal Credit Union based in Germantown (Mont Co). She is looking for financial experts who are willing to speak to the credit union members on various personal finance topics. Her contact information was sent out to the MCFL membership and several MCFL members have replied to her.
  11. Made a presentation to 20 Baltimore County National Academy of Finance students at Towson University on the topic, “Mega Trends, and How They Will Affect Millennials”.
  12. Attended the “Pennies to Power” assembly for about 400 students at Severna Park (AA Co) High School. I have been working for more than a year with three students at the school who planned a week long personal finance event at the school. Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot was the featured speaker for the assembly. Several MCFL members also participated during the week.
  13. Made a presentations to groups of Howard County and Baltimore City students on the topic, “How to Protect Your Money” at the Applied Physics Lab in Howard County.
  14. Participated in a Focus Group at the Baltimore Branch of the Richmond Fed to discuss the future or MCFL.
  15. Had a long phone conversation with Omari Pearson of Operation Hope. He handles the regional college division of Operation Hope and is very interested in partnering to provide financial literacy for college students, especially at Historically Black institutions. A face to face meeting is planned for April.
  16. Represented MCFL at “Money Power Day” in Baltimore.
  17. Represented MCFL at the Prince Georges Community College “Money Explosion” Fair.
  18. Represented MCFL at the Making Change “Money Matters” Fair.
  19. Represented MCFL at the Old Mill High School (AA Co) Networking Breakfast. Almost 80 students participated in learning how to network with community and business leaders.
  20. Made a presentation on “Six Money Myths” at the Essex Branch of the Baltimore County Public Library.
  21. Judged the “Hospitality” competition at the Future Business Leaders of America annual contest. More than 1100 FBLA students competed in various categories from all over Maryland.
  22. Observed a new middle program called The Ortus Academy at Loyola University. The Ortus Academy is similar to JA’s Finance Park in that it tries to get middle school students to understand personal finance issues as they compete in a simulation of spending decisions and life events.
  23. Attended the Lansdowne High School (Baltimore County) lunch which recognizes students in their National Academy of Finance program.
  24. Acted as a judge for the Howard County Simulated Congressional Hearings program for 5th graders at Rockburn Elementary school.
  25. Met with Charles County content supervisors to discuss teacher training for their new required course in personal finance. A September 16, 2016 workshop is planned.
  26. Met with the Prince Georges County NAF Advisory Board and encouraged the teachers who were present to form teams to compete in next year’s Personal Finance Challenge.
  27. Met with a representative from the Provost Office of Towson University to discuss a possible partnership to conduct personal finance programming for the Towson community at large as part of their Literacy Council on campus.
  28. Participated in a panel discussion at the Applications and Research Lab in Howard County. The ARL is considering expanding its current one year personal finance program to two years.


5)    Fundraising

  1. Met with a Seth Dunbar from Price Waterhouse, Coopers in Baltimore to talk about his ongoing support for financial education programs in Maryland.
  2. Met with MECU’s Adrian Johnson to talk about fundraising from MECU and other contacts he knows.
  3. Met with Dana P. from Legg Mason. He is leaving the company and has suggested a new board member for MCEE.
  4. Met with Phil Hosmer from M&T Bank to try to get support again for the middle school personal finance challenge.
  5. Met with Mike Mesta of the Hopkins Federal Credit Union to discuss his interest in personal finance programming at JHU.
  6. Met with John Bratsakis, MD/DC Credit Union Assn, to discuss funding for a day long financial literacy event in Baltimore City.
  7. Attended the annual Mid Atlantic Securities Traders Assn meeting in Baltimore and obtained a verbal commitment to continue support for MCEE. Followed up with an email to John Spensieri, the current president of MASTA, on their financial contribution to MCEE.
  8. Met with Jonathan Bradley to discuss possible funding for our programs. He has a connection to the Jonathan Ogden Foundation (former Baltimore Ravens player).
  9. Met with the president and chief financial officer of SECU to discuss a partnership to bring financial “Reality Fairs” to Maryland high schools.
  10. Met with Valerie Murphy of the Energy Federal Credit Union in Rockville and recruited her to serve on the Montgomery County NAF Advisory Board, for whom I will co-Chair during 2016-17.





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